AFS Trinity Engineering Center – Livermore, CA

AFS Trinity Power develops new products at its Livermore, California technology center. The Livermore facility is equipped for engineering design, manufacture, assembly, and test of electrical and electro-mechanical components, subsystems, and complete energy storage systems.

Assembly stations are tooled to build high force permanent magnet arrays, wind motor/generator stators, assemble and balance composite flywheel rotors, and build out complete systems.

Test stands are available for energy storage system testing. These stands are configured to allow plug and play testing, with 300 to 800 volt sourcing and sinking capability, along with data acquisition and control computers to automate and monitor test activities. Our test equipment includes a custom-made 450 kW power supply and a 100 kW load bank.

Analyisis tools include CAD, FEM and proprietary rotordynamics software.