After PC's and cell phones, are 150 MPG Extreme Hybrids the next big thing from small business?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, March 6, 2009...AFS Trinity Power Corporation will demonstrate its breakthrough 150 MPG Plug-in Hybrid SUVs in San Francisco today at the invitation of SB California ( and the Washington, D.C. based Center for Small Business and the Environment in response to President Barack Obama's challenge to make job creation and independence from oil America's top priorities.

Business, government and environmental leaders are scheduled to see and drive the two prototype SUV's today next to Civic Center Park at Fulton Street across from the San Francisco Public Library.

Byron Kennard, President of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Small Business and the Environment, said, "The AFS Trinity technology serves the two top priorities that President Obama outlined in his address to Congress on February 25. We believe AFS Trinity’s Extreme Hybrid is the kind of breakthrough innovation the Administration and the country is looking for to create jobs and make possible independence from oil.”

Kennard continued, “This technology, emerging as it has from a small business, is consistent with the fact that virtually every major transformational technology in recent years—the personal computer and the cell phone are good examples—was a child of a small business. Moreover, because small businesses usually have to rely heavily on their vehicles to stay in operation, they are also likely to be major beneficiaries of AFS Trinity’s innovations,” he said.

AFS Trinity CEO Edward W. Furia said, "Each of the XH150S SUVs being driven in San Francisco today is a prototype of a mass-producible family-sized SUV that can go the first 40 miles each day on an overnight charge with terrific acceleration and up to a top speed of 90 miles per hour. For an average family traveling about 340 miles in a week of normal driving, their weekly gas consumption will drop to less than two gallons. For some families who travel less than 40 miles daily, a trip to the gas station could become a once every three months event."

Furia said, "This technology has been proven both in the laboratory and in our two demonstration vehicles that have amassed thousands of road miles since their introduction at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in early 2008. All that is needed now is funding that will enable the retooling of an existing, recently shut-down automobile plant to put thousands of auto workers back on the production line producing a vehicle that we expect will do more to make America independent of oil than any step yet taken to address this critical need. The economic Stimulus Plan could make this vehicle a reality as well as harness it to achieve the President’s goals for the country, “ he said.

Hank Ryan, Executive Director of Small Business California, speaking in the interest of California's 3.2 million small businesses, called the AFS Trinity Extreme Hybrid "the way to reopen closed auto plants, jump start American car sales and put Americans back to work. That this technology is the product of small business innovation should come as no surprise. Scratch the surface of America's recently emerged major technologies that most Americans now depend on and you will find they are the products of modern entrepreneurs who refused to accept the status quo and instead set about remaking their industries."

The City of San Francisco is hosting the AFS Trinity XH150S demonstration at the San Francisco Civic Center today.  Mayor Gavin Newsom said, ""The Bay Area has always been a leading incubator for breakthrough technologies that emerge not only from our great universities and National Laboratories, but also from young innovative technology companies.”

150-MPG Calculation
Mileage is based on a typical week of driving: 40 miles, 6 days per week and 100 miles on one day each week. The first 40 of every day are electric and gasoline is used for longer distances. For this driving profile, the XH-150S uses up to 2 gallons of gas for 340 miles traveled which works out to 170 mpg, which we round down to 150 miles per gallon to reflect potentially aggressive driving styles or a heavily laden vehicle. For a complete discussion of mileage issues, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) tab of AFS Trinity's extensive web site or just click on this link -

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