The XH-150S Extreme Hybrid™ is the first practical Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle.

By combining the strengths of batteries (light weight and high energy density) and ultracapacitors (small size and high power density), this prototype electric vehicle can achieve 150 MPG, go 40 miles in all-electric mode, and use gasoline for additional unlimited miles in hybrid mode. Learn more at the following links: XH Technology > | Press Coverage > | Videos >

150 Miles Per Gallon. Mileage is based on a typical week of driving: 40 miles, 6 days per week and 100 miles on one day each week. The first 40 of every day are electric and gasoline is used for longer distances. For more details, click here.

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40 miles All-Electric Range. Based on road testing with mixed urban and highway driving, the XH-150 demonstrated more than 40 miles on a charge. About 78% of Americans drive less than 40 miles per day. With a 40 mile all-electric range - most days, most people won't burn any gasoline at all.

0-60 MPH Faster Than Gas. XH-150 prototype acceleration results for 0-60 - engine only: 12.5 sec, electric only: 11.6 sec, full hybrid (electric + gasoline): 6.9 sec (about the same as a Porsche Cayenne)
87 MPH Top Speed. The top speed and 0-60 acceleration numbers are dependent on each other. The faster we set the vehicle to accelerate, the lower the top speed. The higher the top speed, the slower the acceleration.

Infinite Hybrid Range. Range of the XH-150 is not limited by the charge of the battery. When the battery is depleted, the XH-150 runs on gasoline with no need to wait for overnight charging - but it's much cheaper to use electricity instead of gas whenever you can.

$1/day Overnight Charge. Charging at night with off-peak electricity, the XH-150 uses about $1 of electricity to go 40 miles - a normal, daily range. Compare this to more than $5 of gasoline for a similarly sized vehicle getting 30 mpg.

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