Extreme Hybrid Sign-up List

Consumer reaction to the 150 MPG XH-150 Extreme Hybrid™ has been overwhelmingly positive since the working prototype of the vehicle was unveiled at the Detroit International Auto Show in January of 2008. With two demonstrator vehicles now on the road, we have proven that the AFS Trinity XH technology is succeeding beyond expectations in a prototype of a real, practical family SUV. Now it's time to move to the next level.

In order to make a vehicle like the XH-150 affordable for everyone, we need to move from prototypes to commercial production. As production levels increase, costs will be driven down. In sufficient volumes, we estimate that the price can be driven down to below $40,000 and, if tax incentives such as those recently announced by the Presidential candidates are passed, the price could be as low as $33,000. In either case, the money that drivers will save because of greatly diminished gasoline use will return them at least half of these amounts, even if gasoline drops down below $3/gallon again. On the other hand, if gas climbs to $5/gallon, the payback to drivers could actually exceed their original purchase price. See "The world's first ''zero-cost'' hybrid?"

This is your chance to express your interest in a vehicle like the XH-150. This sign-up list will entitle you to be among the first to receive more information about ordering an Extreme Hybrid SUV when AFS Trinity announces production plans and the company and/or licensees can accept firm orders. This sign-up list creates no obligation for you or AFS Trinity, but helps us in planning and getting closer to producing an affordable vehicle for you and your family. We do not sell or share names or email addresses.

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