AFS Trinity's Patented Plug-in Hybrid System

AFS Trinity was awarded an historic United States Patent on June 22, 2010 for its Extreme Hybrid drive train that actively combines ultra-capacitors and proprietary power electronics with off-the-shelf commercial batteries in plug-in hybrid vehicles. This patented drive train meaningfully reduces the cost of the batteries in a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and increases the durability, reliability and ultimate affordability of the energy storage system of a plug-in hybrid vehicle. Learn more below.


A plug-in hybrid propulsion system includes a fast energy storage device that preserves battery life, where the energy storage elements of the hybrid drive train may be charged with externally supplied electricity as well as energy from the engine or regenerative braking. Electronic switches, passive electronics, an enclosure, controller circuitry, and/or control algorithms are used to manage the flow of power between a fuel powered engine, a battery, a fast energy storage system, traction motors; a charger, ancillary systems, an electrical distribution system, and/or a drive train.